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At The Ternary, our unique ‘three pillar’ design allows us the opportunity to take you on a journey, from East to West, exploring a diverse range of cuisines from a dynamic menu that is designed to be 
shared and enjoyed.

The Grill Kitchen brings the sensory experience of superb produce seared on a naked grill to the centre of The Ternary. Sight, sound and smell are at the forefront. There is nothing as simple, and with such complex flavours, as fine produce on an open grill.

Reminiscent of the sights, sounds and theatre of kitchens across Asia, the Asian Kitchen embraces all the wonder and flavours from the Far East to the Sub-Continent and is filled with colour, action and excitement. Cooked in the open kitchen, the menu celebrates the many cultures and myriad of flavours that make Asia such an enticing melting pot.

The Ternary Bar is an isle of relaxed intimacy within The Ternary. Unlike the theatre, colour and action of the open kitchens, The Ternary Bar is a place for conversation and relaxation. Hand selected from outstanding local and overseas vintages, our wine list is impressive and extensive yet affordable. The share plates can be paired with your wine, or throw caution to the wind and mix and match as you please.

Share, taste, enjoy!

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