Chef Lukasz

Meet the team - Chef Lukasz

Sous Chef, Lukasz - Raised in Poland, food has always been a part of Lukasz’s life. Moving to Australia in 2007 Lukasz decided to pursue his true passion and graduate from commercial cookery. He joined The Ternary team in 2012 where he quickly learned this was certainly the place for him to expand his culinary skills.

Chef Lukasz finds inspiration in the people he meets every single day. He says ‘No two days are ever the same, when the kitchen is live in the restaurant I get to see and speak with guests from all over the world. They stimulate me to learn new cuisines and constantly try new things’.

Come in and see Chef Lukasz cooking up a storm behind the Grill Kitchen in The Ternary, Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour. He would love to hear your story whilst creating you a dining experience you will truly remember. 

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